Marry Christmas everyone. We wish you a merry Christmas!
Made in January 1, 2010, Habbovaluez is a Rare value fan site made to bring you the proper values of habbo. We are not like other rare value fan sites which use their site for their own profits. We are different. Unlike other fan sites we don't benefit ourselves. We are here to provide the correct amount of value a furni holds. Think our value is correct? Spread the word about HV to let other users know about our site!
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My name is Kwame. I love making websites so if you have a site you need help with I'll be glad to help. I've made nice friends threw out my Habbo experienced and I'll love to make more so add me.
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Hello! My name is kyle. Am a creative person who likes to help and assist humans. Ask for my myspace because am always on myspace :)
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Hello! My Habbo name is odv and I've been playing Habbo for nearly 5 years. AM happy to be Habbovaluez rare manager as i promise you i will bring you the proper value a furni holds.